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Get User By Domain

This endpoint gets a user which has the requested domain connected to their account which is available with the provided information. The following information is required while sending an request to the server:

  • API Username (api credenital assigned to you)
  • API Key (api credenital assigned to you)
  • Subdomain (the domain to get the users info)

HTTP Request

All API requests for this action must be made to Any other address for this action may result in an unknown error.

Shell Request

curl -X POST -u username:password -d "api_user=username&api_key=password&" ""

Python Request

import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth

url = ""
data = {'api_user': 'username', 'api_key': 'password', 'domain': ''}

response =, params=data, auth=HTTPBasicAuth('username', 'password'))


Array Response